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Hm where do I start. Coming out of a relationship were I was cheated on. Looking to make a new friend for some 'me' time.

Rediscovering my muse in exotic tales.

...definitely somewhere

I'm just a nomad trying to see as much of the world as I can with the time that I have.
I'm open minded and easy to talk to.


Hi my name Jerkeisha but u can call me Keisha.I'm 5"0.I'm 25 year old.I love me meet people.

Horseshoe bay



Very horny love white an Asian women they just turn me on an taste so good but do like all women

whispering conspiratorially in your ear

Blessed with a 'Geek' mind (Mensa member) trapped in a Jock's body (no, I do not mean I wear a kilt) I am able to test my physical body's ability to keep up with my sexual imagination. Old school 'power play' type of guy with the ladies, has a broad interest that stops short of serious BDSM, pain or...