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I love writing about my fantasies. they're just to good to keep to myself. A little naughty talk really gets me going, leave me a dirty message? xxo

First of all, I AM a lesbian so please guys dont message me. I don't want to cyber with YOU. Get rid of the dick then we'll talk (; My name is Kayla, I'm 18 and I live in São Paulo, Brazil! I just moved out and live with my (twin) sister Karla. I'm currently single and not exactly looking for any l...

About me ? That's hard... I prize my privacy, and find it hard to talk about me. I guess you could say I'm a nice guy, with a Dom's streak.

looking for discussion on life, love, etc. If you would like to chat, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am not looking to meet, just to talk.

Mostly here to read and maybe trying to write something too. But feel free to say hi!

Hi all I'm Joyce, I'm a Pornstar from the beautiful nation of Brasil. I am half Charrúa and half Portugese and I have a nice ass that guys would bend over backwards to fuck. I love to get fucked in my ass really hard (I'm such an anal-whore. I'm here to socialise with dirty minded people here

A 24 year old Brazilian girl who loves to give pleasure time to her readers through her stories

I am proud of my body. I have the body which a true Brazilian girl has; Perfect assets. Most of the times I get what I wish for. There is one thing that I crave for but am not going to do anythin...

Am a boy whose mind is filled with naughty thoughts. Lush seems to be the perfect place for me. What can be better than be among people who think like me.So here I am.

I don't mind adding boys or girls but I would prefer girls more(It's natural,isnt it ? )

I am already taken! so gi...

My sense of humor is sadistic acid and cruel! .... And odd...

I love to chat. My prefered topic is sex, everything you can imagine: anal, oral, gay, spank, taboos,... you name it. but I talk about anything. I'll not bother you for pics. If you send me, I'll appreciate, if don't, that's ok too.
I love to talk with girls of all kind. If you are an asian girl...

Since everyone that comes talk to me asks abouts my username well here it is:
FCK stands for fuck
GARCIA stand for my last name
So there you go guys!

What am I interested in? Well, I really hope to make some friends who I can meet in one of my many trips, not just all the role p...

My last profile was under jay_ a but I forget password .
I am 19 from São Paulo, brazilia ,I am 5'2 . Feel free to message me but I try my best to message , I still practice the English

I'm a brazilian guy who is really open minded about almost everything about sex. I always like to read and write about this subject, as we are always learning something, don't we? I like to be part of foreign communities too, to practice my english :)