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I love writing about my fantasies. they're just to good to keep to myself. A little naughty talk really gets me going, leave me a dirty message? xxo

About me ? That's hard... I prize my privacy, and find it hard to talk about me. I guess you could say I'm a nice guy, with a Dom's streak.

First of all, I AM a lesbian so please guys dont message me. I don't want to cyber with YOU. Get rid of the dick then we'll talk (; My name is Kayla, I'm 18 and I live in São Paulo, Brazil! I just moved out and live with my (twin) sister Karla. I'm currently single and not exactly looking for any l...

looking for discussion on life, love, etc. If you would like to chat, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am not looking to meet, just to talk.

Mostly here to read and maybe trying to write something too. But feel free to say hi!

Hi all I'm Joyce, I'm a Pornstar from the beautiful nation of Brasil. I am half Charrúa and half Portugese and I have a nice ass that guys would bend over backwards to fuck. I love to get fucked in my ass really hard (I'm such an anal-whore. I'm here to socialise with dirty minded people here

A 24 year old Brazilian girl who loves to give pleasure time to her readers through her stories

I am proud of my body. I have the body which a true Brazilian girl has; Perfect assets. Most of the times I get what I wish for. There is one thing that I crave for but am not going to do anythin...

Am a boy whose mind is filled with naughty thoughts. Lush seems to be the perfect place for me. What can be better than be among people who think like me.So here I am.

I don't mind adding boys or girls but I would prefer girls more(It's natural,isnt it ? )

I am already taken! so gi...

My sense of humor is sadistic acid and cruel! .... And odd...

I love to chat. My prefered topic is sex, everything you can imagine: anal, oral, gay, spank, taboos,... you name it. but I talk about anything. I'll not bother you for pics. If you send me, I'll appreciate, if don't, that's ok too.
I love to talk with girls of all kind. If you are an asian girl...

Since everyone that comes talk to me asks abouts my username well here it is:
FCK stands for fuck
GARCIA stand for my last name
So there you go guys!

What am I interested in? Well, I really hope to make some friends who I can meet in one of my many trips, not just all the role p...

My last profile was under jay_ a but I forget password .
I am 19 from São Paulo, brazilia ,I am 5'2 . Feel free to message me but I try my best to message , I still practice the English

Came for the stories. We'll see about staying around.