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Montreal, Quebec

Im A RolePlayer :P I Role Play As Maryse Ouellet From WWE :) i Speak French And Korean Plus English (:

Montreal, Quebec

I love to become Joanne, transforming myself into the woman I want to be. When I am Joanne, I find myself so more relaxed and happy.

Getting dressed and made-up is a great sensation for me. Just putting on all the feminine lingerie, the stockings and the high heels is so wonderful. Applying...

Montreal, Quebec

I am 62.I am gay married and a crossdresser.That's me.I love sex and I love to talk sex.My wife and I have been together for 43 years.Yes, she is my best friend and my lover.We would lovt to meet others that share our passions.Yes I am gay and yes I am a crossdresser big time.

Montreal, Quebec

I am a 67 y/o bisexual and I have been bi from as far as I can remember. I love oral sex with either gender, both giving and getting. I am interested in the notions of incest, BDSM and old/young sex. I have also been a BDSM Master for over 40 years. I have a fetish for small and uncut male family je...

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec

I am a 27 years old accountant. I own my own Firm. Bisexual and can play submissive . I have a fertile imagination. I like to write about cheating wives and d/s relations. I do not hate men contrary to the opinions expressed by some readers. Not all my writings are to be taken as gospel ...

Long time crossdresser in private. The last few months have been heaven allowing me to resolve my personnal life. Now sharing this page with my lover Nathan, a beautifull femboy working as en enginneer.
Reading stories here and chatting alongside me will help improve his english.

After ...

Montreal, Quebec

Hi !
I was here with the same name before months ago and ran in to problems health wise.
So I'm back and plan to get back into the full swing of thing over the next couple of weeks but I will do it slowly....

Montreal, Quebec

Married bi male who has loved cock since hs. My wife and I swing as well. We have two daughters and have been nudists since before our daughters were born. Anything else you want to know just ask.

Montreal, Quebec

Separated for a couple of years and recently divorced. No intimate life for a while now and stories from Lush keep me going until I find the right person.

Montreal, Canada, Quebec

I am a M to F transsexual living in Montreal, Canada.
I used to work as a photojournalist in Israel for twenty years.
Since I lost my leg above the knee, that profession fell by the wayside.
As I have experience writing, I turned my attention to writing Erotica, Erotica/Romance, He-She,...

Montreal, Quebec, Quebec

Hi there! I'm into all kinds of stories. Open to chat about everything. If your interested give me a ring.I also speak French so if you ever need help in translating something, let me know

Montréal, Quebec

Quebec, Quebec

Hey my name is Jazz! I'm from Quebec , Canada. I am not on lush to look for love i'm here to get my pussy wet.. i'm a daddy's girl and i love to chat so if theres anything you would like to know just ask!

Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec

Hello, I ain't sure what to write here that could be of interest, never do lol

I am six feet one inches tall.

Have long, light brown hair to the middle of my back.

Have deep green eyes.


I like to write about incest and taboos in general...


Hi and thanks for stopping by!

Have been a fan of Lush for a while now, so thought the decent thing to do was to sign up Looking to have a bit of fun, be me, make some friends, chat to a few people and looking forward to reading many more of...

city of quebec, Quebec

Well what can i say? Hmm i am French Canadian so love french kisses Love to read erotic stories, lots of details turn me on mmm. Until now, i wrote one erotic story and i am kind of proud of it coz my English is not perfect!

Looks like an ange...

gatineau, Quebec

maniwaki, Quebec

montreal, Quebec