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Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario

My name is Jake Banman, im 5ft 10", 185 lbs. Im married to a beautiful girl named Tina. The thing is, she doesn't know about half of the things that get me off! It seems like the things she doesn't know seem to turn me on just because she doesn't know them...

Windsor, Ontario

I like reading all kinds of stories from Gay to Straight Bi by men or women I just love sex stories to read and write.

Winsor, Ontario

im a girl i love life & i have alot of friends ill chat but GIRLS ONLY! im into girls right now. but im hear to read write & chat hope to talk <3

Im shy Single and submissive.I came to lush to chat to learn share,respect and to be respected.Love my angel Jayne.... she takes wonderful care of me.met so many wonderful ladies,I can't believe what I have been shown and have learned.
I follow try to follow a path of nature willing to share wit...

Woodstock, Ontario

Hi there I'm Arabella, but people usually call me Ara for short. or slut. But it's your choice :* I'm not fully straight and I'm not fully les... I'm kinda right in between I absolutely LOVE a good cock, ...

around in, Ontario

I DO NOT cyber! Please don't ask! I will NOT send you pictures or come to meet you! I'm not looking to be your sub or your Domme. I won't comment on your 'dick pics' so please don't ask. Please don't send me random friend request. If we haven't talked or played in the forums, then odds are not in yo...

around the Toronto area, Ontario

Joined some time back but never really spent much time here but looked kind of interesting so here I am. I'm open minded as my name says. Looking to meet up with some interesting international women or guys to chat and get to know.

I do enjoy playing around in the forums, they can be amusin...

i am 40 year old married and have some fantasies about Serving Hot Ladies in a way they want me to which i can't fulfill with my wife so help me out TC

barrie, Ontario

Attr. Married male, love open and clear communication, high sex drive, open to all things as long as two adults are consenting, love a dom women or switch, love roleplay, searching for my Mommy, wanna be a mommys boy in bedroom, love for a couple to introduce me to bi sex.

barrie, Ontario

belleville, Ontario

brampton, Ontario

brampton, Ontario

brantford, Ontario

On lush to read stories

delhi, Ontario

just a slut that love to suck cock

doghouse!, Ontario