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Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Massage therapist who knows how to use His hands in many pleasurable ways.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa , Ontario

Ottawa (currently), Ontario

Hi. I am a well educated business professional. I come here as i like to read the erotic stories. i finally decided to join as i would like to explore my Bisexuality I also want to explore fetishes and kinks with women and men. I am a very sweet and gentle person, very romantic......


I like first time stories and stories where there is initial reluctance and then the true sexuality of the person comes to the fore.

Owen Sound, Ontario

Owen Sound, Ontario

smiles...greetings to all...I am a widow...Hubby and I were in the bdsm lifestyle...for as long as were married which was 35 happy years.... he was also my Master as I was his slave...Master/hubby was a Judge for the Supreme Court of Ontario.... I am Fewbch Canadian and bilingual... Master/hubby wen...

Paris, Ontario

Petawawa , Ontario

lots of experience that is fantastic story fodder ... just not recently ... looking for someone to turn me on LOL

Married to a vanilla, possessive man, have 3 kids still at home, work full time so time on here is limited.

Picton, Ontario

Planet Earth, Ontario

I'm a happily married male...then why am I here? I like a variety of different things, which I have tried within and outside of my marriage and know will be unacceptable to my wife. Does this mean I should leave a great relationship to fulfill desires...I don't believe so...That's basically me in a ...

Realityville, Ontario

Well, what can I say about myself to intrigue you?

First of all, yes - that is me in my avatar pic.

Secondly, NO, I will not send you naked or naughty pictures, so don't bother asking - it's not my style to show everyone and their uncle my goodies.

Now that we hav...

Richmond hill, Ontario