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Montreal, Quebec

Separated for a couple of years and recently divorced. No intimate life for a while now and stories from Lush keep me going until I find the right person.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec

I haven't written a story in ages but when I do, I like to write about incest. I used to watch my mom change clothes or playing with herself on her bed when I was younger. Then the same thing happened with my younger sisters. Therefore I started to write about them and making scenes including my fam...

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec

New to this type of site. Im a young black male looking to make friends and have interesting conversations

Montreal, Canada, Quebec

I am a M to F transsexual living in Montreal, Canada.
I used to work as a photojournalist in Israel for twenty years.
Since I lost my leg above the knee, that profession fell by the wayside.
As I have experience writing, I turned my attention to writing Erotica, Erotica/Romance, He-She,...

Montreal, Quebec, Quebec

Hi there! I'm into all kinds of stories. Open to chat about everything. If your interested give me a ring.I also speak French so if you ever need help in translating something, let me know

Montréal, Quebec

Montréal, Quebec

Quebec, Quebec

Hey my name is Jazz! I'm from Quebec , Canada. I am not on lush to look for love i'm here to get my pussy wet.. i'm a daddy's girl and i love to chat so if theres anything you would like to know just ask!

Quebec city, Quebec

Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec

Hello, I ain't sure what to write here that could be of interest, never do lol

I am six feet one inches tall.

Have long, light brown hair to the middle of my back.

Have deep green eyes.


I like to write about incest and taboos in general...


city of quebec, Quebec

Well what can I say? Hmm I am French-Canadian so love french kisses Love to read erotic stories, lots of details turn me on, mmm.

Looks like an angel but have a devil side I can be naughty when the connection is good during chatting. I D...

gatineau, Quebec

levis, Quebec

sex drugs and...beat...from the street...kind of fun addict without any have and to

maniwaki, Quebec

montreal, Quebec

montreal, Quebec