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Just a friendly kind man who loves reading erotic stories

Married, Have 2 Children.........well kinda. (Daughter already thinks she's adult...LOL teenager) Love to read......and I'm going to try writing finally. Incest tales by far the most erotic in my humble opinion. With that said I'm wondering if any of you writers out there would like to get Mike (fa...

Well hmmm let's see I love to write, mind you I might not be very skilled in such areas(cough) However I decided to just screw it and post 'em anyway!... I love to talk so let's chat it up... You just may be suprised!

Sane, sensuous. Prefer the same in prospective this is text-driven, big brain will always trump big boobs.

Love reading the stories not much of a writter though. keep em coming

cross dresser.loves stories about cross dressing etc

I am a student. Bicurious. Love to read the stories here.