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I am gay. It may be the most obvious thing about me but it is also the most important. It defines my worldview and has been the backdrop to life's most important experiences. I can diminish its impact to no greater extent than I can lessen the importance of any feature so inextricably linked to my s...

love to meet people and chat. don't be shy..say "hello" :)

I'm a reader not a writer. I am married and Bi-cruious. I love any hot story but lean towards stories involving Bi, incest, spanking , first time, and hetro sexuality

Don't necessarily write stories. More of, doing the writing thing in my spare time. But never post or share them. I consider myself very open minded, friendly, more to the shy side, easy going, enjoy having a good laugh and smiling.

I don't use this anymore.

Crossdresser in my 50's

An Escape from my Real Life... I have been a Switch (Mistress and loved pet), I have also enjoyed 'creative roleplaying' with others both in real life and a little online. Sadly I do not chat as much as I used to online, my life is quite full and hectic. I look to Lush Stories as a place to read and...