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Married to a great woman, freind, partner and love of my life

Calgary, Alberta

I'm an easy going father and grandfather. Don't let that scare you, I keep healthy and fit. I love to imagine what I would do to you if you surrendered yourself to me. If you're new, I'd love to teach you, if you're experienced I'd like to satisfy you and wear you out.




I am 19, single and bi, I tend to sleep around a lot, I don't like having sex with the same person over and over again. I really like incest stories they really interest me, i like brother-sister and father-daughter the best; but i will read anything.

Currently in China

Inspired by my love of all things Chinese, by real experiences, and embellished by pure flights of imagination, the character of the woman in these stories is a composite of three women who once touched my life.

Daddy's Playroom

I'm a 27 year old Libra who happens to be a daddy's girl born and bred. I'm into the forbidden and love a reading or participating in a good hot story.

Eaglesham, Alberta





Hi every one



I am an oversexed average male that has a passion for sexy ladies that know what they want and aren't afraid or ashamed to ask for it. I have a very vivid imagination and love to please. I enjoy gabbing about any thing and every thing. It's not always about sex... Ok so maybe it is always about sex,...


Edmonton Alberta

I enjoy the out doors, extremely romantic, playful, giving, non judgemental, great sense of humor, very sexual, spiritual, passionate, loving, patient, very youthful, adventurous, great personality, sensual, spontaneous, very clean.

Lingerie, foreplay and role play, good wine, B/D and lig...

Edmonton, Alberta

I'm a registered massage therapist in real life, with an interest in writing. I enjoy stories of all kinds, and thought this would be good practice for other writing exploits. I'm super geeky, have worked tech support in the past, love video games, and am absolutely looking to date a girl with simil...

Gatineau, Quebec

I forgot that I had signed up on this site a while back, I've been coming to this site since about 2006. Love reading the stories, especially the incest ones, they're really well written and the build- up is usually amazing.

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie Alberta



Like to do things on the spur of the moment, very easy going and like to have a good time when ever I can. I like the masterbation stories

Hidden in plain sight

Lower Mainland, BC

I am an older male, nearing 60, who is mostly into erotic chat and likes to think I can write fairly well. I enjoy sex play that includes the kinky side and very open to vulgar language.

I am not interested in being a father, but love being a nasty older man with a nubile young lover, pr...


McGregor, Ontario

I am a mature, bi, crossdresser who just adores wearing silky lingerie and luv to chat and someimes meet other gurls who love to wear the same.