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I'm a sissy slut. That means I like to be a sissy and a slut. I have both a master, Bigcelt41, and a mistress, Miss D. (Daalmonette1980 )I cannot answer you without their permission, and I must do what you arrange with one or both of them.

I'm a normal (okay, a little crazy:-P) guy from the middle of Europe... I like to read, so I'll stick to it for a while, and maybe then write something... I don't usually chat, if you want to chat, you can always PM me ;-), I don't cyber (I just don't get where is the fun in that, live is sooo much ...

I started to write few years ago and recently realized the erotic story will be kind of thing I would like to do as well. I'm doing this, because I have to consider stuff that I want actually do one day. Girls can be really hard to get in some ways.

Well, I am just boy, who used to have sex with girls, but when we had threesome with my girlfriend and her friend, I tasted a cock for the first time... and now I need it more and more. On lush stories I can spend my free time, while there is no boy to suck

I am a pretty face but i like to talk dirty. I would like to learn the true dirty english language, to tell you how badly I want to fuck you and describe all the dirty things I want to do in all details.

American Expat living in Central Europe, happy to have an outlet for mostly true experiences.


I like spanking. I write spanking blog Aryon's spanking journal (in Czech language).
I published


party girl


I like writing stories about various subjects as well as sex. Some are fiction and others are about real events - hopefully with a humourous slant.


I don't need sex, the government fucks me every day.

Hi again. I spent three and half months in the Mediterranean. Im back three days and have to manage planty of things concerning school, job, house and appartment. Some guys also waited for me all the time. I need two or three days for acc...

I am here to read the stories and explore my sexuality. I may get adventurous and write my own. I am very open and liberal minded so please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss anything you want.

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