Members located in Denmark

Im a young guy from Denmark, who loves to chat with strangers.

Im new here so profile is still under construction

Add me if u want to chat, share pics or anything else


Im new into this community so i will update my profile ASAP

Feel free to message me if u have any questions


I am not a writer, but I joined Lush mainly to read stories.

Hi I am here to read stories and on occasion write. Some of my stories are a mix of actual experiences and fiction. Others are pure fiction. I hope when they are ready they will make you smile, cry, laugh, hate, love maybe even get you wet/hard


Hey I'm a girl on 20 i don't really have much sexual experience but a girl can dream can't she? i find the topic of sex really interesting! and definitely love reading about about it ...

Mature CD/TV Bisexual Slut

I consider myself a fun and very open person that enjoys spending time with family and friends. I like reading anything that makes my heart race and my breath catch

Never written anything like the stories I have found here so far, and Englis...


I am "Abalona" from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a wife, mother and career woman with a very "respectable" life. My family is the picture-perfect ideal of middle class urbanites. Below that glossy surface I have been leading a life with very little intimacy and virtually no sex for the...

A 36 year old guy who enjoys life.
Amateur writer in horror, crime and erotic(Hard)
And this is my pen name (nom de plume)

22 year old student from Denmark. I love different kinds of sex and of course I also enjoy talking to people!

Hi everyone! I am a young, sexy, inexperienced girl who would like to learn I am open to anything so if you see me in the chat please feel free to talk to me, especially if you are a woman. I have recently become more and more attracted to other girls...

Happily married so not looking for a serious relation or anything like that. Looking to have occasional fun only. It's kinda fun when there is a risk of being caught doing something naughty Let's have some online fun before we move on to more serious st...

i'm a 44 year old women who have done most and been almost all over the world, thanks to my lovely man.
i have always been living my life very openly with other men and women, even when i was married, just like now.
I love to read stories about all kinds of dirty stuff, i guess i am ...