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When O, a Parisian fashion photographer, is handed over to Sir Stephen as a gift from her lover, Sir Stephen penetrates O's throat as his first act of many in which he imposes his manhood on his submissive neophyte.

O instantly senses that her new master shows no interest in her oral talen...

Male, born in Denmark. Interested in talking and if you live by meeting up. Used to be danedk

I won't promise to update this soon. It may happen, it may not, but just to sum up a simple version of my intricate self:

I am taking my Master's in Psychology and as such, I am overly reflexive and, of course, a mind reader. As I am also a Viking I spend my weekends and vacations plunderin...

I am 37, I am looking for women mainly. I like to chat, share naughty gifs, and read naughty stories. Any woman is free to send me a pm or a private chat request, or a friendrequest. I will happily accept.

I am here to have fun, explore my and other peoples naughty fantasies. And who knows ...

By the sea




Copenhagen/New York




32 Years Old Currius Guy... I absolutely adore and worship the female body. It may be the most beautiful thing god ever designed.