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I crave the touch of a women.

I love the outdoors & I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic. I'm still pretty new to lush... hoping to make friends I can chat with and talk about every day stuff with. I've read only a few stories so I haven't really decided what kind of stories I'm into. Looking forward to chatting with everybody and an...

i like to chat. enjoy chatting to all different kinds of people. send me a friend request and i'll add you.

I love sex, i love reading about it, thinking about it and doing it
I love the stories on this site
I am bi-sexual but looking to have fun with females only

I'm currently working as a caregiver. Not into cyber sex with people I haven't met in real life. I prefer to chat and get to know people. People from all different kinds of backgrounds. I like making new friends online, send me a request if you want to get to know me better.

Hello, my name is Kehlani. My main reason for being on this website is to socialize and roleplay. I currently am single. I am bisexual meaning I like both men and women, I do not discriminate. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask. One requirement with me is using proper grammar. I am no...


I love chatting about real life experiences of sexual encounter with the opposite sex.
I try to better myself and have fun together




hello everyone,iam very friendly i guess i trust people too much,main reason iam here is the stories,in which i enjoyed,since iam very fond of books.Ive been reluctant on adding people,cause some are very rude,if iam online an never reply to you,it would meaniam very busy,so if you enjoy the company...

Hello everyone! I had been reading stories on this website for quite some time now, and I thought what the heck, I'll join. If you want to be my friend just add me and I'll most likely accept. I'm going to start writing some stories and I hope their good and you like them! I'm not the most outgoing ...