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Just an ordinary working girl trying to stay fit and healthy and make a little money. I write whatever comes into my head... literally as i think of it! Much of my creativity is driven by what i observe... visually and aurally. Maybe I should not admit that I frequent a chat room or two to pick up o...

I am not a writer. In fact I am not much of a reader, but I love the stories here. I prefer stories written by woman, that seem to be real. I am a 40 year old streight guy with a high sex drive.

I'm Leo, 6ft 2, have brown hair and blue/green eyes. Love tats and have one, more soon. I'm a student in international management. I registred on this site cause I love the stories I've read here! I've a lot of true sexy stories and fantasies to write, and I'll do it when I'd have time... Feel free ...

I tend to prefer the more 'literary' stories than the pump and dump kind of things that you get in magazines.

To be fair, I am also going to try my hand at writing a few here and there...

I'm 28 years old and i live in Paris .I'm a lesbian so girls add me poke me and send messages .Guys plz don't add me !

I'm retired and live on my own in an ol farmhouse. I have a lot of bikes and a Porsche Boxster for fun. I enjoy travelling and holidays.

Hi, I am Ann
I am very shy in the beginning but still very curious and eager to read about stories and make new contacts

quite the voyeur, in many aspects of life.

I'm just a simple woman who loves simple pleasures of life! Honestly, I'm happy to be here on lush! I would like to chat with women or men, MAYBE share some stories but I won't accept video chat requests! Love, Straight sex, exhib,lesbian... etc are just enjoyable stories for me!

I'm interested in pleasures which life offers to everyone of us. With illimited imagination

34 y/old . Computer scientist in eastern France (so, forgive my english mistakes ). Currently in an open relationship. I've written a lot in the past but I've never explored anything sex-related in this area, this is a good place to start, and improving ...

A misunderstood woman caught in a web of intrigue.

Not a paid member so limited access to my Lush friends, email me and we can communicate again