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I´m 24, exploring myself and others, discovering desires i never thought possible.

Two rules: -No friendship request accepted without a message or a previous chat -No private chat before some talk in the open

My native language is German but I love the English language and the stories here, so thought I'd give it a try and become a member here.

My intention is to COMBINE SENSUALIY and INTELLECTUALIY !! +++ ==> A SENSUAL, openminded MAN with a broad scope of interests likes to meet esp. SENSUAL FEMALES for ELECTRYFYING and inspiring exchange of THOUGHTS+ FEELINGS !! ... Above all : I am ADDICTED TO any form of TENDERNESS with females !! and...

I'm new here and I like it very well! I love a woman here and I love looking for friends who want to play with us, but also much joy want to have with me! I'm 28 years and have much to do with women on sex! ! but please, no men Pet Player - alexandra is my sweet wife and we both love other girls wit...

I'm a switch

I am a simple girl who wants simle thing in life! just want to be happy and stay happy in life! i live my life the way i want it to be! i'm a liberated type of person, i do speak for what i believe in! Ihate dull moments! That is a big NO NO

Sissy looking for Domme....Female or Shemale.

I miss you

I'm an adult webcam model . During my free time I love to write sexy stories . Maybe you'll enjoy some of them. If you'd like to talk to me you can find me here:

im new from germany!! i want to meet some nice sexy peoples :P thx for check me out ;) i have pics soon..

only want to talk to girls so back off boys

Hey guys!
I'm a 22 year old bitch that loves to fuck around and to show her pussy...

Lesbian. Can't imagine being lesbian without masturbating a lot!
I like to read the stories; most of them are boring, though ...

Hiya - So, I'm here to read not to write. Unfortunately I'm not that talented :<
I'm not very good at this bio stuff, so if you wanna know anything, don't hesitate to ask me - I won't bite