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what can i say, i think my name says it all. hi, dick here, just like to say hello to all you lushers. i'm looking for friends, so cum chat please.

A male in his 30s into stimulation and tease. I've had some encounters through the internet which I will be writing about. I am also open to new experiences.

i am here to read story's specially BDSM, Reluctance, Taboo but i will read others also. In RL i am Owned and Married to my loving Sir. i am not interested in dirty chats or cyber sex. i will not friend people i do not know.

I'm Greek 57 y/o, retired Army officer, currently living and working in Germany. Married to a good woman but not so much into kinky stuff like me.. I'd like to have some naughty chat...

Hey you stranger, I'm kind of new here so accept the stories with love. Hopefully you guys will like 'em all as much as I did when I was wet and moaning

Hit me if you have any suggestions or simply want to talk. xx

I'm a straight female of cute nineteen years. My love for writing way predates my love for sex, but at some point it seemed natural to combine the two. So I'll be happy to share my fantasies with you guys.