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26 male from Germany love to meet new people and have new experiences

44 years old, love to read and to write, anything goes, just ask!

Hey you stranger, I'm kind of new here so accept the stories with love. Hopefully you guys will like 'em all as much as I did when I was wet and moaning

Hit me if you have any suggestions or simply want to talk. xx

I'm a straight female of cute nineteen years. My love for writing way predates my love for sex, but at some point it seemed natural to combine the two. So I'll be happy to share my fantasies with you guys.

It was about time to change my profile, so many things last profile said: bla, bla and blas... and my last profile said as well: I want to get to know some of you better. And well I did. And I am blessed and thankfull for you my friends, I guess you know who you are. Especially for you ...