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Hello everyone,
I'm an ordinary 26-year-old guy and I'm not that long here on lushstories. I like reading the stories that are published here, I enjoy chatting and cybering too. I like to learn new things and discover new things, also on the sexual side, which I never new or experienced. I like ...

I am looking for new experiences, in every aspect of life.
I am a genuine nice girl with a good head on her shoulders, who takes care of her body and her mind.
Up to try anything at least once.
Not good at talking about myself, but am open to answering any questions you may have and g...

Lover of the female form in all shapes and sizes, every women is beautiful ! in her own way

Aged 60+, married since more than 36 years - with a vivid imagination and sexual fantasy.

Engineer to be, single and i want to stay this way! Not looking for a girlfriend or a soulmate in here! Just trying to expand my horizons, learn things and have some fun in the process! Not really a writer so don't expect too much, although i've had my fair share of sexual experiences i'm not really...