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Hey, i am a Submissive girl from Germany and i want to meet new People and have some fun

Brunette, green eyes, 36C, 5.3", apple ass, sporty body.

I will not send you pics or anything.


If you like Pina Coladas, write to me and escape.

Hi, I'm a sex loving chubby girl that enjoys partying, cuddling and netflix.

No random chat requests, no roleplay, no skype and dont expect me to cyber with you just because you said Hi to me.

Hey there and thanks for reading this Bio
I'm Anja and joined this Community out of boredom while i can't sleep.

I have a Boyfriend (sorry? :3) and i love rp. Although i love to party i appreciate a nice cuddly evening on a couch.


I am me and you are wondering about me!
well I know what I want
could it be you?

I am a 28 year old bi-sexual female - curious, open minded, sweet, gentle, sexy, and teasing. Thus, I want to chat with people who are intelligent, smart, can inspire me, push my boundaries and are fun to meet again. But remember: in any case you should be yourself!

My weight is around 55 k...

Fun, fit, professional guy who loves to chat about anything sexual...

My stepson is my lover ...


My name is Sophia and I am a married 45yo horny slut.
I like hard cocks and sweet pussies.
My husband allowed me some years ago to have sex with other men when he could watc...

Immoral is anything outside of my "normal" moral purview. That does not mean taboo or kiddy porn or animals or blood. I am IN Germany but NOT German (und mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut). Where do I come from? Who cares. I am where you want me to be from.

Hello there :)

My name is Anna, im 19 years old and from Germany. I have Irish ancestors so yes my redhair is my real hair color and yes im that pale. For me there is no such thing as tan only pale or sunburn.

Im alwasys looki...

I'm Greek 57 y/o, retired Army officer, currently living and working in Germany. Married to a good woman but not so much into kinky stuff like me.. I'd like to have some naughty chat...

I'm a 29 years young man from Germany. I am an engineer in mechanical engineering. I'm still in the process of finding a place where I would like to stay and get old. I'm in a relationship with a lovely woman since 3 years. She is probably my perfect counterpart even if there are a lot of th...

I am here for stories. Ilove true stories the most, nothing hotter than the confessed desires or actions. I am not up on the etiquette and such for chat or messaging, so please bear with me. I like role play and e-mail exchanges of stories or desires.

I am a divorced African-American male born and raised in Texas, USA. I live currently in Germany. As a result, I have learned to speak German fluently. I was married to a German woman, and we have two lovely daughters.

I am a 38 year old married woman and I'm bisexual.
I am not here to meet men. I have a wonderful husband . I look forward to meeting new friends who have similar interests.
If you request me to add you, please have a pic of yourself posted.