Members located in Germany

Aged 60+, married since more than 36 years - with a vivid imagination and sexual fantasy.

Engineer to be, single and i want to stay this way! Not looking for a girlfriend or a soulmate in here! Just trying to expand my horizons, learn things and have some fun in the process! Not really a writer so don't expect too much, although i've had my fair share of sexual experiences i'm not really...

Personal freedom of choice and respect for the others are the two main things I believe in.
Life should be fun and enjoyable and not an endless string of identical and boring days and nights, after all "nights are mainly made to say the things you can't say tomorrow day".

Self proclaimed genius with a bit of narcissistic tendencies.
Might be interested in hatching plan for world domination with the right person.
Until then I'm here to chill and pass my free time.

........... just getting on with enjoying life............
exploring my sensuality by looking to interact with like minded women...........
Age doesn't matter, nor social status, not interested in financial status. However perceived physical beauty is important,as is your way of thinking and...

If you like Pina Coladas, write to me and escape.

Hi, I'm a sex loving chubby girl that enjoys partying, cuddling and netflix.

No random chat requests, no roleplay, no skype and dont expect me to cyber with you just because you said Hi to me.

Immoral is anything outside of my "normal" moral purview. That does not mean taboo or kiddy porn or animals or blood. I am IN Germany but NOT German (und mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut). Where do I come from? Who cares. I am where you want me to be from.

Fun, fit, professional guy who loves to chat about anything sexual...

Hey, i am a Submissive girl from Germany and i want to meet new People and have some fun

Brunette, green eyes, 36C, 5.3", apple ass, sporty body.

I will not send you pics or anything.


I am a 28 year old bi-sexual female - curious, open minded, sweet, gentle, sexy, and teasing. Thus, I want to chat with people who are intelligent, smart, can inspire me, push my boundaries and are fun to meet again. But remember: in any case you should be yourself!

My weight is around 55 k...