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Engineer to be, single and i want to stay this way! Not looking for a girlfriend or a soulmate in here! Just trying to expand my horizons, learn things and have some fun in the process! Not really a writer so don't expect too much, although i've had my fair share of sexual experiences i'm not really...

I am a Bulgarian, who studies in Germany.
Personal freedom of choice and respect for the others are the two main things I believe in.
Life should be fun and enjoyable and not an endless string of identical and boring days and nights, after all "nights are mainly made to say the things you ca...

Had a profile before, but needed a fresh start.
I love sex, cuddling, clubbing and netflix. That's all you need to know, for now.

& United States

Married to my lovely husband. But I have a hunger for some titties. He knows it and he looooves it. Makes the dirty talk so much sexier I'm a closet slut. No one would know it. I'm a freak between the sheets!

10965 Berlin Germany




Hm, I'm 5'8, slender, my hair is brown. I really enjoy group sex, just ask my pet.


I am a transsexual m>f with insatiable sex drive. I need to indulge daily in perverted sex particularly with mature lesbians of my age group. These old girls are real performers and we laugh and play obscene sex games together. My desire for frequent anal sex is fantastic. So I like my Oldies to peg...

Hi Guys, Im half Brasilien and Half german. So I live in Berlin right now. I write erotic Stories about 7 years...But in my native language is portuguese. So i you search in Google : Narceja contos ( Narceja's Erotics stories) you ll be able to find my world.

Im not a a native Englisch spe...





Frank Noir is a pornographic author of Scandinavian descent, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.
His writings have appeared in print and online under various pseudonyms.
The stories of Frank Noir are graphically sexual, daring to embrace the darker side of our carnal urges. Hard...

Berlin, Berlin, Allemagne


I'm polyamorous.

I'm a nudist.

I'm looking for submissive sluts who are always horny.
I want to watch them fucking random strangers, fuck them while they're covered in cum.
Also I want them to only wear very skimpy clothing without underwear when they're in public.



End 30 sub TV-Sissy - very kinky. I am a crossdress since I was 13.



A high spirited, slightly bent, aspiring writer of erotica. Otherwise, a devoted bookworm and painfully repressed student with an amusing collection of Snarry stashed on my computer.

I am a 32 year old single from Germany. I like to have fun in different ways. I am new to this so have a bit of Patient with me please. I like to read stories to keep me entertained when I am alone. My favourite fantasies involves a hot guy and an Office