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........... just getting on with enjoying life............
exploring my sensuality by looking to interact with like minded women...........
Age doesn't matter, nor social status, not interested in financial status. However perceived physical beauty is important,as is your way of thinking and...

If you like Pina Coladas, write to me and escape.

Hi, I'm a sex loving chubby girl that enjoys partying, cuddling and netflix.

No random chat requests, no roleplay, no skype and dont expect me to cyber with you just because you said Hi to me.

Immoral is anything outside of my "normal" moral purview. That does not mean taboo or kiddy porn or animals or blood. I am IN Germany but NOT German (und mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut). Where do I come from? Who cares. I am where you want me to be from.

I am originally from Greece but i am living in Germany. Most of my time i am busy with my work and my studies. I am really shy but i can be also very dirty, so talk sirty to me. I love to be teased. I am here for the stories and to chat with new people. Maybe in the future i will try to write a stor...

Fun, fit, professional guy who loves to chat about anything sexual...

Hey, i am a Submissive girl from Germany and i want to meet new People and have some fun

Brunette, green eyes, 36C, 5.3", apple ass, sporty body.

I will not send you pics or anything.


I am a 28 year old bi-sexual female - curious, open minded, sweet, gentle, sexy, and teasing. Thus, I want to chat with people who are intelligent, smart, can inspire me, push my boundaries and are fun to meet again. But remember: in any case you should be yourself!

My weight is around 55 k...

I am here for stories. Ilove true stories the most, nothing hotter than the confessed desires or actions. I am not up on the etiquette and such for chat or messaging, so please bear with me. I like role play and e-mail exchanges of stories or desires.

& United States

Married to my lovely husband. But I have a hunger for some titties. He knows it and he looooves it. Makes the dirty talk so much sexier I'm a closet slut. No one would know it. I'm a freak between the sheets!

10965 Berlin Germany

Bad Emstal

Bad Soden/Taunus near Frankfurt

Friendly male from near Frankfurt, Germany. We found Lush by chance one evening when my wife and I were looking for "bedtime- stories" on the net. Happy to chat with any educated, nice person...male or female...about (almost) anything! Pretty much "vanilla" 9-5 when it comes to sex...She is kinda "b...



we started some years ago - mark always love me to show more than apropriate - things started to get hornier - we sometimes would go to bars and pretend that we don't knwo each other, i started to flirt and more, much more - and we ended up fucking our brains out. later I/mark started to enjoy Linda...



Hm, I'm 5'8, slender, my hair is brown. I really enjoy group sex, just ask my pet.


I am a transsexual m>f with insatiable sex drive. I need to indulge daily in perverted sex particularly with mature lesbians of my age group. These old girls are real performers and we laugh and play obscene sex games together. My desire for frequent anal sex is fantastic. So I like my Oldies to peg...

Hi Guys, Im half Brasilien and Half german. So I live in Berlin right now. I write erotic Stories about 7 years...But in my native language is portuguese. So i you search in Google : Narceja contos ( Narceja's Erotics stories) you ll be able to find my world.

Im not a a native Englisch spe...


my bio:
Hey! I am here for the same reason as most people. I enjoy meeting and talking with others to learn more about what they enjoy as well as learn and explore new things for me to enjoy. - See you !!!