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I am a very open minded and ready to test taboos in my life. started my affairs at young age



Hi I'm Alex from Northern Germany. Well, the truth ist, I am traveling a lot. Thus, don't take the location for granted:) I am quite new to lush but not to the topics... so, let's see what interesting things one can find on these pages.



19 yr old female and as you can see by my picture i have blue eyes . I love writing and reading stories.


I just finished university a couple of weeks ago and start my professional life beginning of next year. So right now it's party time! I'm not in a relationship right now because I'm not a a guy for only one woman. ;-) Actually I'm also not a guy only for women because I'm also into athletic guys. I ...

I'm a very curious and open minded person. I like men with good manners and dirty fantasies who make me laugh.


Welcome on my page, here at lush!
I am Adriana and I am 25, single and bi. I love to chat and to read hot stories, preferably lesbian ones - but not exclusively

Unfortunately, I lost Premium status... thus, I currently cannot do anything ...

Hai! My name's Anna --- I'm German, I'm not weird, as Chris D'Elia would say. Actually, I am pretty weird; but that's another story, I guess?

If you're a guy, please don't try to do anything with me. Friendly conversations are fine, but I'm not interested in men ... trans-girls are fine, th...



Here and there, everywhere

Reading became my passion as soon I was taught the whole alphabet, and writing followed in its wake. My phantasies often balance on the edge of reluctance, and nothing is sweeter than the hesitant submission of one beautiful woman or girl to another. I like to read and write about power plays and ki...



I am a SGT in the US army stationed in Germany. I am in the middle of a divorce right now, hopefully it will be over soon. I have a very high sex drive and am looking for someone that can keep up with me. um.... really hate writing these things so if you want to know more just send me a message. ...


Hey. I used to have an account here, my name was StrawberrySexcake. I forgot the information, so this is my new account :)


I am a 45 years old husband from germany, one child. Married since 20 yrs now. Still love my wife, but sex life is degrading more and more. I am lucky when we have sex once per month.

Maybe this is why my fantasies go wild latelely... even would accept being a cuckold if that would improve ...


On the surface I am just your average “outdoor loving” bloke. But behind closed doors or with the right people there is a very different side to me. A naughtier side that like to explore my sexual boundaries.
I've loved reading erotic litterateur ever since I was a teen, call me weird but porno...