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I´m a bi Girl since i was 16 and interested in the moment only in girls

Courius student from Germany who likes to chat and meet new people, who are open minded.

Looking for a mature friend, maybe tall ,bbw domination
I found out that being a sissy would the thing for me
Hope to be dressed up
I dream of a mistress to serve , to her sub

I am interested in adventures with other women. I am curious about naughty chats and open for many things.

Your average middle-aged submissive male with a lot of phantasies but not much opportunities to act them out.
Quite new to lush, really enjoying the stories and feedback system.

I am originally from Greece but i am living in Germany. Most of my time i am busy with my work and my studies. I am really shy but i can be also very dirty, so talk sirty to me. I love to be teased. I am here for the stories and to chat with new people. Maybe in the future i will try to write a stor...

Married since 36 years, used by many men, experienced, 49 kilo, 157 cm, shaved, great and sensitive nipes

New old member who has found his way back.

I thought about this place a lot lately and I figured I am craving for those beautiful minds around here. Well, and that's really why I came back here - I am looking for a beautilful mind I can lose myself in. Someone that has me forget time and sp...

Hi, i m new here. i would like to meet new sincerely friends here; to talk and share frankly. i love to listen, and share my dreams, fantasies. i m sure, it will be great for my company.

& United States

Married to my lovely husband. But I have a hunger for some titties. He knows it and he looooves it. Makes the dirty talk so much sexier I'm a closet slut. No one would know it. I'm a freak between the sheets!

10965 Berlin Germany

Bad Emstal

Bad Soden/Taunus near Frankfurt

Friendly male from near Frankfurt, Germany. We found Lush by chance one evening when my wife and I were looking for "bedtime- stories" on the net. Happy to chat with any educated, nice person...male or female...about (almost) anything! Pretty much "vanilla" 9-5 when it comes to sex...She is kinda "b...



we started some years ago - mark always love me to show more than apropriate - things started to get hornier - we sometimes would go to bars and pretend that we don't knwo each other, i started to flirt and more, much more - and we ended up fucking our brains out. later I/mark started to enjoy Linda...