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Hei, found this site recently while looking for a site with erotic stories. Now I visit once in a while to read a story or two before bedtime I don´t write any stories myself, only wish I was that creative.......but feel that this site makes you more cr...

My name is Adriana Ósk, half icelandic and half american. I live in Iceland but every summer I go to visit my fathers family in America.
I really like to read erotic stories, and at the moment I mostly like daddy stories

I'm a sportsy graphic designer with a big naughty side. I love illustrating and making things with my own two hands and from my imagination.


24 year old screenwriter from Iceland, I'm currently working in the film industry aiding with story and character development, as I'm finishing my Bachelor degree in English literature and poetry.
I'm simply a nice guy who likes writing stories as much as reading them and I'm just trying to find...



29 m, seeking a fantasy chat about many things.


I'm more than a little shy and I am not the visible one among my friends (I think, that's for the one watching to judge). I'm still exploring my sexuality and I don't really know what I'll end up reading here. When I have a story I hope I will have the courage to publish it.


my bed


sudd, Alabama