Members located in India

i am 23 years old Bi. nothing is taboo fr me. love people who are bold and approaching. luv the rough stuff.

I am here to read wonderful erotic stories and appreciate the work of fabulous writers. Please don't invite for chats, as when I'm logged on, I just want to read and nothing else.

Well I am open to healthy friendships and will always accept polite friend requests. I am not into things like...

Just so you know I am quite submissive.
Shy one too.
And these images are not me.

I have just fallen in love with this site..I enjoy reading a wide range of different also keen on writing a few stories of my own

i wanna be trained ,humiliated ,abused and punished..Anyone ready for that??

A student of medicine from India, have been here for some time now, looking for interaction with girls across the globe, Indian girls would be great but all are welcome m here to explore about my sexual fantasies more and more. I also would love to have normal conversations and make good friends if...

m just single and i prefer to be single hahaha

Hi. Pretty decent guy from India. Have a slight belly. Loves to read stories here. I have a lovely girl who is open to experiment any way possible.
The only reason I haven't disclosed my name is because of the Orthodox Indian society.

well i am an indian male but my body looks more like a female and interested in crossdressing and having anal enconters some time it was paid sometime it was ocassionaly and sometimes it was lovingly and a hardcore fan of incest relationship with sister......