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Was once a very happy member of this site, met loads of wonderful people but then had to leave abruptly for "real world" reasons :D However, i missed the site so decided to return in the hope to strike up some old friendships and also to make some new ones. Feel free to drop me a message any time. ...

hi im a pilot and i regularly wear my uniform during sex, if ur into that or u just wanna have fun lets chat!!!

Nothing strange....likes the company of women.......all ages within reason

Hi guys ! im kind of new to this so sorry if im a bit slow, hehe :p add me, message me, im up for a good time ;) but dont add me if your old haha ! xxxxx

My name isnt actually bob i just have it there cuz it seems to fit, i havent got around to uploading a pic for my avatar but will soon. Girls feel free to add me i wil most likely accept, but guys if you add me, chances are i wont accept sorry. If theres anything else u wanna know just message me

my profile says female but im a transgendered one, im a girl with a cock, i am bi but im looking for girls only, no guys thank you

Im a simple man with simple pleasures , for the longest time ive been intrested in Taboo stories and First time stories and general erotica