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It's me Sapphire! I'm back. If you don't know me my name's Sapphire. You can call me Phire. I have two sisters. We're quadruplets. Our brother isn't on here. My sisters are SapphireBaby (Rubi) and AmeDarling (Amethyst) Thats about all you need to know. Oh and don't bother asking for a pic I wont pos...

I am Asiacat91's boyfriend. This is all what matters here.

Trust is a many splendoured thing. I want totell you all about myself but i cant. Not yet. So please dont think me a non-posting loser. I will get there eventually. Hailing from Japan, i try to satisfy others before i take care of myself. I write a little but Lush has shown me that i am a mere rippl...

Hi all, I am pretty new to this site. I enjoyed reading erotic stories that sometimes so hot that makes me horny. And some fulfilled my imagination. Like having sex with guys with big cock, threesome, etc.

English Teacher, soon to retire. Enjoying my life in Japan.

I'm a white American gold star lesbian living in Japan with my Japanese girlfriend. The avatar is neither my photo nor my girlfriend's, so please don't ask for pictures. I'm not looking for chat, dates, or cyber affairs.

Absolutely no dick pics.

I have dressed for years in panties and hose but only the last few years started to realize that I crave much more...

My experience with men/shemale is very limited but I want more!

I am a non-Japanese (Caucasian) guy living in Japan. I used to be a good guy, but the downs of life turned me into a whoremonger, always looking for anal sex, DP with toys and pissing. When possible, I film the scene with their consent.
I started a blog about my adventures and give free whoremon...

Born 1991. Japanese-German parents. Criss-crossing the globe. Often in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany

Hi, I'm Minako. I may be a little shy, but I hope to find some nice, patient people who can help me explore and grow. You can sometimes find me in the picture chat, where I like the softer, more sensual pictures. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Been All Around The World

Hihi, no i am not repeating myself, its Asian thing. I am Kasumi and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am a student in the medical/psychological and teaching fields. I'm originally from the pacific islands and have been around the world. I love to chat with people here and am very outgoing with a slig...



I belong to my online Master, who controls me. I enjoy micromanagement, lifecontrol, humiliation, embarrassment and forced exhibition.

Please, no men... Interested in couples and bisexual girls. My Master monitors the account.

I am such an unworthy slut....***blush**...


Okinawa, Japan

I'm a full-time erotica author, published as Lauren Gallagher (hetero erotic romance) and L. A. Witt (gay erotic romance). I currently live on Okinawa, Japan, but am heading back to the States in November '11.

Only where we know

A lush member on and off since 2012.
Y'all knew me as LoveAffairs after which I changed it to Arlene.

I will ask all to please NOT post any couples on my profile... I WILL delete them.

I am a US Navy veteran; I loved the time I served. ( I enjoy talking about Nav...


My favorite phrase is an old Japanese phrase "A writers soul is his pen, A stories soul is the writer". Erotica is, to put simply, the passion between two people as they come together and express the most intimate feelings any human being can express. Writers of ertocia love to capture this moment. ...