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Music teacher intrested in knowing people and chat, here to make friends and have fun

always looking for new stuff, interesting not specially sex

Hey my name is Tony, im a Dj
I like to meet people here to chat with that share some of my interrests and likes
I have a few fetishes and i am submissive
Plus I like to experiment new things so im probably up to try anything
Feel free to add me so we can chat

Just a regular guy with really twisted fantasies. I figured the best way to express these fantasies is by writing stories, and so here I am.

Myself=>I’m not like every other girl
I am really down-to-earth and I love dancing and hanging out with my friends. I love to have fun. I’m grounded and sweet but I definitely have a wild side!
No drama, please.
What I’m Doing With My Life=>Dancing like no one is watching!
The First...


Mount Lebanon