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Im a journalism student and I love writing, my main language is spanish so I´m mostly here cause I love erotical readings and I want to try some english wrtiing on my own

am slut slave for men

Straight man. Recently looking into cross-dressing, and just a bit bi-curios. Love sex with girls (adults of curs). Love all sex stories.

I'm a 30+ Software Engineer who likes porn, but I like to read about it more; I know how hard it is to express the feeling of the moment from actions to words, and seeing it so nicely done here is great. I came across Lush Stories due to a random search, I liked what I found and I want to give it a ...

Hi, i very much love sex, and everything that has to do with it. Physically the part of a woman that attracts me the most is the breast, i love sucking a good pair of tits, specially if they got big nipples. I like to read erotic stories, pretty much about everything, trans, rough sex, straight sex,...

My Bio, let's see.

I guess I can say I'm on the process to know lots more about my likes and dislikes, I love spanking mostly, the rules, all the dominant submissive game =P, but..... I'm a switch & I'm usually the dominant part, but here's the trick..... I love when I meet someone that ca...

I'm a married, bi closet TV who loves everything feminine and being as sub as possible.

Born in Mexico raised in the US and now back in my homeland. Divorced love to read and have fun.

I had been in lush before, but I decided to leave... anyway I am back.