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If she's amazing, she won't be easy.
If she's easy, she won't be amazing.
If she's worth it, you won't give up.
If you give up, you're not worthy

Well, what's there to say about me... I am a single guy, 6'2'' and 240 pounds, currently still studying. I enjoy normal things and some less-than-normal things. I am shy around strangers and haven't had a serious relationship in a very long time.

Although I am not planning to write any stor...

I just like to write; sophisticated erotica, or thrillers, or fantasy; it depends on my mood. I'm here to share some of my erotica, which has its own style luckily, and I write m/m most of the time because I can get easier into a man's mind. Ha ha.

Davina Vaga
The meaning of the name Davina is "beloved"
I am a curious independent single chick and I like to explore all corners of my sexuality.
"Seduce my mind and you can have my body."

Despite that i'm married doesn't that say that i'm blind to beautiful women, erotic pictures and movies, making hot conversations and so on. I love making new contacts to find likewise ppl and occasionally like to have (dirty) chats. ;-)
I'm easy going and love slow, soft lovemaking. Crazy for g...

Hey everybody how reads this,

I'm a dutch (yes, Amsterdam) 19 year old guy. I play hockey, piano and I also go to college.

The reason why I haven't got a profile pic. is because I dont want to be regoniced.
So if you want to know what I look you have to get in contact with me ...

I'm a sucker for ladies in all things shiny: leather, latex, PVC, boots but also classy lingerie and FF-stockings. It's all about the tension and the teasing. There is no greater feeling then going out and feeling the straps of a garter belt under the dress of your girl knowing you have to wait 'til...

Hi, my name is Tess. I'm 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I'm pretty new on here so I'm just figuring everything out atm, if you want to know more about me just send me a message or start a chat ...

I am 21-year-old student who makes full use of lush's resources to compensate my lack of imagination. Props to all the creative writers on this site.

Hi, I'm a registered nurse, specialized in mental health care.
I am a Lushie for a while now and really like this place.

Characteristic for me is that I'm a free spirited person and like to go my own way in stead of following the traditional ways.
I love to have a laugh and like d...

I am a bisexual woman in a committed relationship with a man. In the past I have been in relationships with both men and women. I LOVE women and my ideal situation is to also have a female lover, that I can share with him.

I sometimes join the chats and forums. I love reading erotic sto...