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my name is Pieter

i wil add some info about my later

21 years old. here because of boredom and curiosity. hit me up if you want to chat!

I'm a bubbly, restless and adventurous Tgirl from the Netherlands. I love to experiment with styles and outfits. Sometimes my dark, slightly kinky, side pops up... :-)
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Hi there,

pfoe its difficult writing this stuf, but here goes.
I came on this site because i read the stories on it and i wanted to explore the other parts of it.
In the beginning of a conversation or when i first meet someone i can be shy, but when i get over that i can be a lot o...

Not a big writer, but really enjoy reading sensual stories. I have a fetish for girls smoking, big tits and clits and pissing girls.

Im good looking 40yo man.
My gf is 27 and she told me she believes in polygamy.
I was raised Kathlic and believe someone should have only 1 partner.
She is having sex with other people.
She says i have to accept it.
i will loose her if i dont do this
but i cant handle it eith...

Just a girl who decided to write down one of her fantasies, and didn't stop there. Hoping to find out if this is something i would want to and should continue. I love sex, love talking, writing and dreaming about it. I write long stories that are often, but not always, influenced by my fantasies, pe...

I am a divorced womanl of 39 yrs.
Very kinky and love a lot.
I try at least everything onces and keep the nice stuff.
Don't hate men but i am into girls the most.
see what happened here and wait.

Hi! I'm 18 years old, I live in the Netherlands and I idenitfy as a lesbian. I'm new to Lush and don't quite know how things work on here.
I'm single, not specifically looking for anything special. Just looking to talk to some fun people.