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My Bio....
First of all, I looked forward to come to here.
I'm bisexual with preference for men.
That means not a boy. So if you see yourself in the category "young boys" or.... if you think.... OR .... if you even have the lightest idea that might thing you are a boy.... then don't con...

dear all, just new on here...still have to figure soooo many things out😘 but would love to chat❤️

Yes this is me. Pic taken at Dec 2015, I am a retired entrepreneur in the food and beverage business.
When I either send or accept a request, I always previously read and explore the person's profile entirely. I know that I am not into BDSM, sub/dom relationships, or any kind of humiliation.

Hii, I'm Melany

If i'm online it means i'm horny and looking for either a very good story to get me going or a very nice conversation with someone.
New on this site, but not new to the chat scene
Looking forward too some lovely times

Im a very sexual male that is very curious about all kinds of sex, I am happily married but always interested in having fun. I am pretty much open for anything and love please, foreplay, and to chat about people's sexual fantasies.

I'm just a bi girl of 25. Live with my gf, but we enjoy an open relationship. I like guys too, but won't chat with them here. Since someone (who is close to me) turned to the bdsm lifestyle, i'm intrigued by that subject, although I'm not active in that area myself.

Retired master mariner. I just need some time to get my bearings here.

What I'm writing are the adventures me and hubby have in summer; some might think we have a sub and dom relationship and that's probably the case more or less... In fact we play dare games, John likes pushing my boundaries a little bit and I love him doing that.

Hello & welcome to my profile :)

I'm Diana Clarke, this is my new account here as my old account got deleted

I'm 6'1" tall, a girl with 36 - 24 - 36 in size

A pure lesbian, love the touch of a woman & believe in bodily worship,...

I'm best known for my online presence as HypnoMistress. I create erotic hypnosis sessions for men and women who like the idea of being seduced and mind controlled by a dominant Mistress.
In my spare time, I like to write and create short erotic audio stories. I enjoy first person narratives and...

A large city

Cpl (f-29, m-30), a lot of experience with cuckolding. It was my husband, at that time boy friend, who brought it up, more then once. He had to convince me before I decided to give it a try. I told him that if we would do it, it might be permanent. And indeed, there is no way back. he loves to watch...




Hello I'm michella from the Netherlands.
Am a shemale 18 years old and only interested in women!!!
So men don't try to have contact or add me,I will block you!!


A lively fantasy, a lust for life and a good guy.


I am a lover of all straight stories with a preference for interracial ones. I also like to chat and to mail. Send me a mail and I always reply.


A horny hello to our readers and fellow writers! My brother (-X-) and I (-Y-), are dedicated towards bringing to YOU, our sexiest and deepest perversions and fantasies.

Bask in the heat,
Give your ass
A tight squeeze,
Read our lusty tales
They'll make you wet,
When a...