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im not gay

heey . im reaally into my sports basketball and netball . im very adventureous and loves to party party party . i also do part time modelling for fun.

I am a fun energetic guy who loves watching porn and reading erotic stories. My favourites are milf and oral.

46 year old bisexual male

I love to read and write Supernatural stoies, no vampire though, please, I'm sick to death of them all, give me some dragon smut anytime~

I spend my days working as a youth worker in my old high school. In my spare time I'm a musician who plays with different bands.

just a wee peek into the life of loud, sounds like me. you seen me doing some dance moves, couldn't have been! lol. without family, i couldn't imagine it. To have the friends i do, count yourself blessed. i love the blue sky as i love the deep ocean. love the flaky snow as i love the ...

hi im kim im 28 and married looking for some fun

I am an out and proud gay man living in New Zealand. I'm an art student majoring in animation. I enjoy talking to new people from all walks of life!

I'm a 19 year old guy from New Zealand. Second year university just completed. Loving being a student and at getting with the slutty girls at uni. I love reading stories about older woman fucking younger men and public sex stories.

40, but 29 at heart. 5' 2''. Dark hair and eyes.

Hi, my name is Braiden. I'm pretty much just a typical student from New Zealand. If anyone from New Zealand is on here i'd love to talk to you. Otherwise i'd usually be up for a chat with anyone.

Like some others on this site, I first began writing of my past and present experiences for my own benefit, because it both amused and stimulated me. It did not occur to me to share these stories with anyone else until I discovered Lush. Reading about others’ exploits, finding some of them, particul...