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In a long term, stable monogamous relationship. I live a relaxed semi retired lifestyle on a small "lifestyle" block enjoying the lifestyle of a the dilettante Idler.

Before meeting my lady I lead a fairly wild, hedonistic, selfish, lifestyle indulging my sexual fantasies and desires.






I'm 61 years old and thoroughly enjoying this site. There are some god stories on here, which can really get the juices running. There are also some really nice people who I have had the fortune of conversing with.

Just a Joe blogs average bloke. Looking to fire up the imagination. 5'7' New Zealander. Hard working tradesman.
Fav stories would be about two people who have been together for a while but still know how to fire each other up. Random meetings and romantic evenings.





Looking for lust in all the wrong places


Hey wassup? I'm a free, fun, open minded kinda guy looking for new online friends - guys and girls. I'm spontaneous, adventurous, heavily into sports, I'm a personal trainer and live with my sassy kid sister Chloe. I'm keen on some kinky online fun with hot girls, specially if they're into fitness...


Adventurous Humorous Discrete Man


I'm 36 years old, unemployed,live on my own.
I write my own stories, mostly about chubby girls, occassionally about lesbians, sum incest and of girls from my past that i have dated or fucked and what couldve been.


I am just a normal guy with a high sex drive. I like bondage and domination I give and take. I like cyber, fetish, roleplay well to be honest I like almost everything. Feel free to add me as a friend or my messegner addy is

Hello all. I just signed up and I am looking to read some stories and make some friends. I'm interested in exploring my dominant side and see where that leads.


Just a young guy from down under, always up for a chat and a bit of fun. Um not really good at these bios, but feel free to flick me a message sometime if you want.



at home, or at work lol

Hi there, my name is Tanya. I'm 36 years old, a single mom of two beautiful girls. I'm 5'5 and around 126 pounds (ish) lol. I have shoulder lenght blond hair with red tips and blue eyes. I guess you could say I am bi, but find lately I am sleeping with more and more women. I love to have abit o...



I love hearing and reading stories, especially to those i can relate. i want to write my own stories and post it here, though im kinda hesitant and intimidated on posting any. not because im scared, rather i dont think my stories are good enough. maybe i should read what others wrote, it may inspire...