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40, but 29 at heart. 5' 2''. Dark hair and eyes.

Hi, my name is Braiden. I'm pretty much just a typical student from New Zealand. If anyone from New Zealand is on here i'd love to talk to you. Otherwise i'd usually be up for a chat with anyone.

Happily married guy with loads of fantasies.

im here to kill the time meet some fun chicks and to have a blast with some chat

there's is nothing to talk abt. . .really am just here for fun. . .i dnt cyber of video call.dnt ask me that.
anything diff frm that am sweet.. . . .and girls please add up.

hey so im a happy smiley girl ilove this site i love bdsm stories they just excite me the most right now im currently doing a mechanic aprenticship i have a son umm to be honest if you wanna know sumthin jst ask

black hair brown eyes 6 3 tall a lil more of me to love lol im a new zealand maori brown skin love women to bits im a flirt lol my partner loves how norty i am she loves watchin me on chats i like chattin to new people ill chat with anyone so hit me up if ur keen:))

Was on Lush a year ago but due to personal reasons had to concentrate on other things but I'm back, missed my Lush friends. Love the stories, love the poeple, love to chat and be naughty, it gets my sweet pussy just dripping. Starting to think I'm a bit of a slut in good girl's clothing. My Dad's a ...

Kia ora! I'm a simple Maori boy from the country. I moved to the city 6 years ago and it has taken me all that time to get used to the faster pace of life and culture. English is my second language but I thought I spoke and wrote it very well until I came to the city. I'm into reading a lot of the s...

I like fast cars,and fast women! I am married in an open relationship which works for bothof us. I have a very slutty wife( nymphomanic),which is good to have around!! We go out to swingers partys ,which are fun.Also have been into naturisim for last 3 years, mainly on camping hollidays.I like to c...

Im Bekah. I rarely talk to guys so if i don't talk to you GET OVER IT. I'm actually fucking sick of this place so if it says IM AWAY it means IM FUCKING AWAY AND DON'T MESSAGE ME. I do swing both ways but with the way guys treat me on here im talking to girls more then guys. Don't piss me off or you...

Hi im here to read the stories and make some new friends. Love viewing the pics and have found i like visiting the forums and chat room