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Hi im here to read the stories and make some new friends. Love viewing the pics and have found i like visiting the forums and chat room

Im 18, my name is Megan, i live in New Zealand, I've never had sex but i fantasize about it ALOT, im a little overweight i guess and i'll be getting A video cam soon so we can see eachother! i do play with myself alot and have a dildo and a butt toy, i love the idea of anal and almost everything i r...


I am happily married and here to mingle among like-minded individuals not looking for cyber!

Have always admired women and enjoyed their company! I believe men and women are equal - so I do not subscribe to the traditional male/female roles in a relationship. I think a relat...

Time to update this thing. I'm a typical kiwi girl, I like to hang out with my mates, usually at the beach or just somewhere outside. I love going to gigs and just dancing (or trying to). I'm always up for a good chat so hit me up if you want

Hey I'm Jess,
I'm a student currently doing a BSc majoring in Chemistry,
I Used to come on here all the time to read stories, and thought it was time to join.
Just on here to read stories for pleasure of course, and to meet new people

22yr old guy. Student studying Philosophy.

hey every body just here to read sexy stories

#uselessfact : I like cats. I also like bunny rabbits. Just like a woman ha! I also admit to being mortally afraid of coral.

I have a thing for one girl in particular - she's gorgeous, and she means the world to me. She is my forever home.

I understand Lush is a sex stories site, a...

Hey im 23 love to meet new people so chat up and get to know me

New here and loving the stories ..

I and not sub and never will be ..

hello im a clown
im as smooth as a caterpillar

kissing a boy = their tongue having an erection and thrusting at you... your face covered in saliva and sweet past rash. overall sloppy.

kissing a girl = a intense mouth orgasm yo...

I enjoy reading erotic stories, am a member of other literature sites and thought I should give this one a go. I believe that everyone is sexy in their own way (and shape) and what does it for you doesn't necessarily do it for someone else. I hate egotistical people who put others down - not a sexy ...

im young and single just lookin 2 have fun wud love 2 chat xox