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Easy going guy, live in NZ, play cricket, love to write about anal sex, incest, lesbians, first times etc

Hi firstly I am owned, I belong totally to my Master who is a good Man and good to me. I adore and love Him.

Please don't disrespect me, I am very happy in my life and with the choices I have made. I don't judge others so I request the same in return.

I am on here to make friend...

20 year old male from new zealand love sport and having fun. message me or leave me a comment im always ready for a chat

I love reading erotica but please don't send me porn if I wanted to watch that I wouldn't be here.
Not interested in one night chats they do nothing for me unless I know you so don't bother chatting unless you want to get to know me and want me to know you.

⬅ That sexy mama is not me, but I would so turn lesbian for her any day!

This is my first relationship so...
No more sex chats.
Sorry not sorry.
Don't send me friend requests if we haven't even chatted yet.
Don't send me messages or friend r...

Hiiii all, 21 years young just here for a good time. I can be shy to start, but once I open up I'm a whole different person! Looking to meet new people and chat about interesting and exciting things. Feel free to send me a message or a friend request (; x

I really hate filling these out i never know what to say lol. Well here goes, i'm average height (165cm not sure what that is in ft), hazel eyes, long black and purple hair, i am fit and athletic and enjoy going to the gym, i have size 10DD chest and a really nice ass (if i do say so myself) i have ...

Hi and thanks for reading my profile. I am a Cyber Dom who has had a lot of experience getting the best from Subs. Nothing shocks me. I like to help Ladies explore their desires and fantasies and feel free to try things that they may have wanted to but haven't.

hi I am zac. im 23 years old. i love the outdoors and keeping fit. i love sex, group sex and have a huge fetish for role play. feel free to message me. im always up to chat

Before you go any further I'd like to you take note of a few things.

I am NOT looking for a man, I already have a wonderful partner. Yes, he knows I am on here.
I will NOT post ANY pictures of me or my body so please don't ask

Busy single mum.Banking manger that has lived for her job. Just decided to find some fun..
I dont want to meet you, or have a relationship.

Hi i am a Kiwi girl from new zealand. I do not want to state my name because of other family and people seeing me so i will just be called kiwi.
i love to read and i am also honest so if you ask i will say the truth
im not good at writing but...