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This is is the the old "ant". Had to retire from lush, but back now and happy about that

I'm a 40-something single, professional fella.

I'm looking for new female friends to chat with, at least initially. Maybe more if we "click", or make similar noises in harmony. Be warned: I have a dry-yet-quirky sense of humour and I am prone to flirting outrageously.

It has been a...

Im neisha im bi-sexual I love sex

we are a couple and hubby like to show me off, its lots of fun :-)

I'm not sure what to put here But... I like to make new friends and chat with others from all around the world

23 year old bi guy in N.Z. Haven't written any stories but have been reading them for ages, looking just to link up with people on here with similar interests and talk as i'm sure that would help broaden my horizons and allow me more friends in stuff like this that i'm interested in

pm me if u wana chat xx, wont accept freind request if u have no pic

Not a big writer, but really enjoy reading sensual stories. I have a fetish for girls smoking, big tits and clits and pissing girls.

So, my name is Sam. I'm blonde, green eyes, 5ft 4". I have a twin named Emma. She is amazing! I enjoy threesomes with Emma and others If you're going to judge me, then please leave my page. I will not have skype dates, and will not give out my phone ...

Love to Chat about anything, I'm open to most things. Private Message me if you want to talk and be friends, i dont often open a chat window with someone i dont know.
(I dont post pictures on my profile, but i do share ones of me with my FRIENDS, So lets have a chat and get to know one...

I really want to travel the world but to go off the beaten path a little bit and see the places most tours won't take you. I would prefer to start somewhere in europe but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The photo is an old one but it's the only photo i have of just me. Will hopefully b...

We are a couple in our early 20's looking for fun with another woman.


Update: I have had a accident that will limit the time I can be on here so bare with me ill be back later

i am a single mom of a teenage dau

I am a event planner ( offer adult extras on all events , ask to find ou...

I'm a submissive little girl who prefers the dd/lg dynamic. I am much more active on my tumblr and tend to spend much more time there and easier to reach.

Changing this to suit. Came here to read, generally have some fun end of story. I know me rather well, definitely not lesbian so dont bother. Men are my preferrence so be straight up and have a sense of humour will be awesome, because I have one. Ended up posting a few poems which are more for ...

forever and always OWNED by MY OWNER AND MASTER!!! he may not be on here, but i am still forever his and no one else's and i am happily OWNED BY HIM! and please don't keep asking me questions about my sex-life or anything when most of you already no or something. my owner doesn't like it and prefers...

I am a very open-minded, horny chick who thinks about sex 24/7. I work in a hotel as a receptionist on the front desk, but in my spare time i love to read about sex, occassionally i like to write my own stories.