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I'm 18 years old, single and looking for a man to treat me like his little slut. I'm currently a student, and I live in a little town in New Zealand. I've always been interested in being owned after reading fifty shades of grey and I hope from this I can meet someone who can be my master in real lif...

i like watching and reading porn, especially having... well the username is self-explanatory.. willing to chat to horny guys and sexxxy sluts but send me private messages, theyre the best way to chat to me and not private chat

Hi Im a 23 year old student studying electrical engineering. Im from New Zealand. Joined lush after reading a few stories. Looking to meet some New friends and learn something new.

Im a 22 year old from newzealand I have a good job and im looking for a bit of fun.

19 yr old island boy
ladies like what you see come and say hello

I am a straight out going girl. I love the outdoors, traveling and spending time on the family farm. I am 19 years old and come from a large male dominated family, of 5 much older brothers. I study part time and work part time. But soon University will be over and I will be off on my overseas workin...

Hello and welcome my profile I am a youthful 25 year old white male with brown hair, brown eyes, clean shaven and trimmed features. A slim athletic body and weigh seventy kilograms and I uphold my cleanliness as a priority in life.

I am sorry I do not post pictures of myself
nor do I g...

If I don't reply to your request for a chat, Please don't take it personally. I didn't expect the social side. I don't do sexting people! I have not come here for cyber sex! So please respect my away sign. I am a happy go lucky type of person. Only like honest people so please be honest with me. i e...

I'm a submissive little girl who prefers the dd/lg dynamic. I am much more active on my tumblr and tend to spend much more time there and easier to reach.

I'm a pilot who is looking for fun loving, adventurous people to chat with.
If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask.

Hey, I'm Ellie x
I deleted my kik but have it again now, my name is the same as here, feel free to message me there
I don't do incest, so please don't ask me about it. Other than that I'm pretty open.
Hope you're having a good day!!

I am in my 50's living a life I love. Travel a bit and like to play when I do. Otherwise appear pretty much as your average joe and don't let on to others how much I think about sex.

Hi there, i'm Ellie! I just want to say that on my page you will find a lot gifs/pictures of rough sex, choking, hair pulling etc. that's mainly what i love to read about on this site, and i just want to share it with everyone who likes the same things. I might throw in some soppy romantic stuff too...

Hi, I'm trans girl from New Zealand. I'm a submissive who wants to be taken care of by a strong man and fucked in her ass. I like to write about my fantasies of domination and submission; In some stories I will be post-op (Have a pussy), while in others I will be pre-op (Still have this stupid penis...

Hi im shy till i get know people friendly

I found this site while looking in some one elses lap top.
I am 36 and single. Div 7 years now and even though I still love a good cock at times (few ) I found out almost 7 years ago that I much love woman more esp younger ( but will chat to most females of all ages) . Im a switch de...