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I am in my 50's living a life I love. Travel a bit and like to play when I do. Otherwise appear pretty much as your average joe and don't let on to others how much I think about sex.

Hi, I'm trans girl from New Zealand. I'm a bit submissive and want a dominant partner who is loving and kind. I'm not much of a writer, but I'd probably write stories about a dominant man eating me out and fucking me, as I quite like those.

Young bi-curious writer on ehre to have a bit of fun and publish some of my naughtier experiences. Chats and friending welcome

hi ya! I'm married and enjoy both men and women.

Time for an update......
Im a straight up honest person, a person who will love and protect the ones I love.

I'm a mum, wife and lover. I love my family, more than words could ever say.

I've had a pretty interesting life so far, it's been filled with excitement, alcohol, danc...


I'm here to escape reality.
I walk around as a young professional. But inside I want so much more 😊
I love to chat so feel free to message me 😊

I'm a submissive little girl who prefers the dd/lg dynamic. I am much more active on my tumblr and tend to spend much more time there and easier to reach.

I'm a pilot who is looking for fun loving, adventurous people to chat with.
If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask.

Hi Everyone!

Fairly relaxed, Outgoing guy, into sports, motorsport, and engineering. Keen to chat about anything and everything, so flick me a message!

I found this site while looking in some one elses lap top.
I am 36 and single. Div 7 years now and even though I still love a good cock at times (few ) I found out almost 7 years ago that I much love woman more esp younger ( but will chat to most females of all ages) . Im a switch de...

A forty something guy with a sense of humour and a twinkle in his green eyes. I had been reading Lush stories for a couple of years before taking the plunge into the deeper world of Lush. I have enjoyed meeting or observing a raft of varied, interesting and generally erotic souls.

I enjoy ...

So, my name is Sam. I'm blonde, green eyes, 5ft 2". I have a twin named Emma. She is amazing! I enjoy threesomes with Emma and others If you're going to judge me, then please leave my page. I will not have skype dates, and will not give out my phon...

Hi there, I'm Ellie, I originally came on lush for the stories but being part of the site always intrigued me so i eventually made an account. I take a lot of pride in my profile, i love posting any gifs or pics that turn me on, most of which include rough sex, that's mainly what i love to read abou...

I love the outdoors and flying. I'm happy with a group or solo. I'm a fast learner and open to new experiences. Enjoy listening to music, love to dance. I've been with boys and girls, enjoy the aspects of both. I like relationships, but sometimes I just wanna get off too, nqa.

hey there. Im a simple college girl.

Hey, Im a young female looking for some fun, mainly with guys but im open to threesomes MMF or MFF, i enjoy it a bit rough but i like a man who knows what he wants. Hit me up, im happy to chat about almost anything

Submissive, bisexual transvestite. I adore being controlled, told what to wear, what to do how to behave etc. Love to dress to please my partners and be used entirely for their pleasure.

I am who I am. I can be kind, considerate, loving and yet strong, defensive and protective of the ones I love. And I'm not immune to making silly decisions