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Desk? Who has a desk? I sit in the sun in my lounge, or have the heat pump on (yeah, it’s cold here!) and allow provocative scenes to run through my mind. I have a skinny posterior and I would never last on a chair that wasn’t kind to my rear end! But if I had a desk, it ...

Hi everyone. I am your everyday wife and mother(not so needed now), going through life, who just happens to have a very (I think) kinky husband. After years of asking I have indulged in his fantasys, and along the way have discovered a lot about myself, including my attraction to woman. Life is a jo...

I'm a 21 year old blonde. Am into dominant sex, love talking dirty and if you're special enough, I may even send the odd pic . Feel free to message me if you wanna chat and get to know me better. Got a Question, don't hesitate to ask xxx

My ...

Hi, I'm Amy and I guess that I'm here for the same reason as everyone else.. Good stories and good chat Guys please no random chat requests or whispers, ladies talk to me however you want

Had a good run in life, but change's do happen when they can't be fixed. Never cared what people say or think of me, why ponder on something when the world is full of problems on its own. I rather have a simple life, than go through the pain I see on people's faces. Life, love, joy are many things...

Hi everyone, I've been writing short story erotica since 2013. Looking forward to chatting with everyone, and contributing to this fun and accepting community.

I try to write stories with a spy adventure feel, or with a game/dare aspect. The thoughts of losing a dare to a strong confident w...

The avatar is not me, wish it was.

We are a couple and the stories we publish reflect our exploits in fantasy world. The first story "ANGELA" reflects how we progressed from a normal couple to realize our fantasies and have never looked back since.

It has been fun ever since and we have not regretted any moment thereafter. W...

Hi everyone, like most of you I'm here to have fun, love the stories and to chat.
I'm a bottom and a sub and a bit of a size queen so come at me with your big dicks and strapons. I'm fascinated by trans gender woman and I'm looking for a Mistress.

Hi, I'm sure like most people I'm here for a good read, a good chat and a bit of fun.

I have recently turned 18, I've recently lost my virginity but I love exploring my sexual side. I love dirty chats and taboo stories. Leave a message or a picture ;)

Hi. I enjoy the company of women of all ages. I love the erotic literature here and the recreational conversations - usually no shortage of those on offer.

I am in a more "mature" demographic ("experienced" some would say) ... still youthful in spirit (and energy).

Hi, I'm Gary and originally from a small town in Yorkshire, England.
Recently I discovered Lush and enjoyed your stories so much I joined and gave writing a go.
Only you and I know I'm doing this so, please don't tell anyone particularly my wife Pat.
I thank you for taking the time to vi...

Hi have joined, and left lush as circumstances have allowed, or encouraged. Very curious, love chats to explore. No incest, one boundary for me, but not judgement.

Married male who loves to massage real women 8-).

Hey my name is Mark, just a typical kiwi guy. If you wanna know more feel free to have a chat to me, Im pretty friendly, I like a good conversation.

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to pop in.

I am a guy with a naughty smile and a mischievous mind...or maybe the other way

I love women, a woman is beauty and beauty is a woman, I crave for a woman who is not only sensual with a personality to match her hearts desires ...

hie, im a femme guy...

I enjoy life, love to go out and dance, have fun with family and friend's fun is my life motto. I will chat only if not already chatting to someone I like to commit to one person at a time so don't be offended if I don't chat with you must be chatting already.



Hi all, I have been gone for a while but now I am back. Hopefully I will be uploading a story or two soon.

In the mean time I am always happy to chat and have a bit of fun. I am very open minded and like trying new things. I am fine with chat, cam, role play and if you are in the area may...



sweet as candy