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I am a single working person. I love guys & want serious passionate relationship

quite simple to not to understand about....

I'm 35. Happily married and a life lover. I am here to meet new people and make new friends. I don't cyber and i don't skype. Nude pics of you guys out there do not appeal to me. And i don't like being poked! Intelligence turns me on and bad company is a major turn off:-)

ummmm ... em a simple guy ... use internet alot and i always end up on porn sites and this brings me here to lush .. !!

love to make friends ... still single n virgin ... and yess still in search of someone special ... !!

would love ...

I'ma a straight frwd guy. Wil b a future engr! I can b easily impresd by any1 thts 1 ov my problm and milli0n ov more thngs abt me buh can't write it dwn..

I am open minded, blunt, straightforward & fun loving person who likes to make friends and love to know about people. I am friendly, frank and open in my talks.