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im young and fun.. ill try to be nice and talk to y'all.. ooh!! just wait and see imma publish something in here too.. :D

I have an imaginative mind and a pseudo-experienced body. Not a virgin, yet, not a slut at the same time. Don't have a lover, still waiting for one. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop me from imagining, from creating erotic dreams in my mind.

Hi i'm Matt 18 years of Age i'm an Asian. I'm from the Philippines and i love MILFS/Cougars.

I love to talk to them talk seriously, flirt or talk about there sexual experience.

I'm an energetic girl who loves to go out and enjoy life. I'm a risk taker and hates following a routine in my life.

I appreciate good conversation. I am looking forward to sharpen my skills in this niche.

I'm 18, asian and i love interacting with others...

hello, name is xel just here to meet some friends...and also to read some of your stories... im not good in writing so i dont think ill write a story someday,...