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Just a married slicghtly bicurious married girl

I'm just a normal guy with normal needs. I love woman. Always did. Been through some toxic relationship and still feeling devastated. Any girl which wanna talk. I'm happy to be that guy to talk to.

Lustful thoughts? Im perfect listener and chatter also. If u want to say hello, don't be shy and just write a PM. I'll be very happy for that... and sure I'll repay in interesting way. Luv ya, xo xo Tyna

Just an ordinary guy who has an extraordinary girlfriend. I try to entertain her with my stories. Some of them you will be able to read as well.
However, I come from Poland and English is not my mother tongue. I would like to ask you to have a little of understanding to English skills I owe. Ha...



I am male, truly believe that woman are superior, and that man like me should be subject to them. I am here to read femdom stories, meet new friends, and in the future maybe write something by myselfe


I'm a naughty girl who is up for sex pretty much all the time. I am 100% bisexual and have enjoyed many experiences with single or multiple partners. I date girls and guys but not monogamously. If you date me you have to accept, I will fuck others and often.
I take the attitude that sex is fun, ...