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Love living the life. In my mid-twenties and don't intend to get old :) I'm interested in reading stories about public sex, flashing and that will probably be the ones that I'm going to write. I'm all about adrenaline, and the risky sex really turns me on. I've done it quite a few times and I can't ...

I'm 31 and single.
I enjoy reading several kinds of stories from lush and usually get pretty h...
I'd like to make some friends who share my interests.

Perverse pariah. Vandæmonian. Wayward sex worker, pornographer, voyeur, and swinger. Polyamory practitioner and dirty dandy.




Hi! I've found this site by hazard, but it's great. Good erotic stories, nice people.


Marinha Grande


Im a very simple guy, who enjoys life at its best. Very friendly (a little shy) but very open to meet new people and have some fun. Hope to ear from you...




Age 55. Divorced, one daughter. No drugs, only good red wine. Love Italian food. Good humor. Love women above 18 years old !!. Would like to experiment quite a few things, sexually, before is too late. Wish you all the best you deserve. Love. Luis"