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Im just an average guy looking to share my stories with people, Ill have some stories up real soon, incest is my specialty

I'm fun, energetic, outgoing & a little crazy. I have a lot on my mind & live my life freely. I'm not a writer... Yet

I am a curious, wild spirit that finds here its expression. Don't PM me or request a chat without talking to me. I like knowing people, I decide how close I want to get. I don't have a prejudiced mind, everyone who knows respect to one another is welcome. If you want to know more, ask!

As my username suggests... I like to read, but don't write.

I'm pretty new in this site and I like it so far... Someone recommended this site to me but unfortunately don't know her username. What can I say about me? Don't really know for sure... but you're welcome to find out. Just message ...

Looking for some fun
hit me upp if you wanna chat !

I am a currently a student on the medical science camps in puerto rico. I'm a pretty open person if your willing to take the time to talk to me. At this point in my life anything goes. I am willing to do anything with anyone given the right mood and scene.

My name is Prestina (Clearly) & I'm a fresh 22 years YOUNG(: If your wondering why my username is what it is, it's because my middle name is Brea.Nomore curiousity?Good(; All I ask is that you atleast make small talk with me before sending a random request. Respect me like you'd respect your Grandmo...

I'm a toned down rebel, open minded and very relaxed. Writing is small hobby I enjoy. Most of my stories are obviously fiction molded by my fantasies, others are facts coved by fiction for privacy purposes. This is actually my first time actually publishing anything anywhere, so feel free to throw s...

I'm 22, proud latina. Here to have some fun, definitely into RolePlay and trying new things. I'm a hesitant lesbian. Here for friends no insulting, I don't send pics or give personal information. Cyber almost slut! I enjoy cyber but I won't cyber with you if we haven't chatted before so don't send m...

Hi,my name is Hannah. I'm open minded,sweet,shy girl with dark desires 👅💋❤️

Just looking to have some FUN....

Here to: -Learn -Read -Chat -Meet new people -Have a nice time Who am I? I am a sister, a friend, a lover, a figther, a stong girl, a smart ass, an aunt, a best friend, a writer, an artist, a science nerd, a soccer player, and I am freak. Proud to say it. Hard to hide it. I am what you can call a p...

Manati, Puerto Rico.

Just a horny young guy looking for fun and friends. If you wanna talk to me, do it. I won't bite, unless you're into that sort of thing XD

Panocha De La Mano

I'm 27 year's old a black man from Santo Dominguez P.R....I really like the white ladies.. Mostly the older ones but my 12" cock fits in any age... I see a lot of touristas here in my work at the Hilton Hotel.. I have family in Miami and Orlando and when I com to America main I will start in Florida

San Juan

Professional, well educated always horny guy who doesn't get enough at home. I fantasize a lot and like reading erotica. And yes, there is a difference between erotica and porn. I wonder if there are such women out there who, like me, like erotica and are always horny

San Juan

Simple guy looking for an interesting time!

long over due to write my bio but im been busy i like to chat with ppl i live in puerto rico were i was raised but i was born in the states i like making friends here i love comic books movies and i like to read but honestly thats a given cause this is a page for stories lol i love to play video gam...


san juan

I LOVE Sex major freak i like big fat black/mixed race dick & juicy pussy always horny so fuck me ;) AHAAHAHA

san juan


where ever you want me to be

I am hot and sexy. I love all men. I love men of every color and age. A well built brother or a Latino drive me wild. I like muscular men and tall .