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For now i will not write any stories. I plan on doing so in the future. And thanks for stopping by my profile.

Hi all,I'm Adrian .I'm new in here.I'm a naughty man with and a dirty mind .I'm straight and i love girls\womens off all ages...let's say 16-60 I guess that u allready find out that i'm from Europe and i have to say that my english is not very good,it ...

I'm a passionate writer and i decided to have my literotica debut on Lush Stories, thanks to this great community. I will not consider myself the best writer, i will not cry for fame and i will understand that you might hate my stories, but i don't really care. Is my right to write and my motivation...

guys please read my profile carefully before you add me or ask to chat ... i am a MALE BISEXUAL CROSSDRESSER ! if you're not into that please do not message me anymore i know i have a great ass but yes i also have a cock