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Hi, I'm Zarah, I'm a lawyer specializing in business law. I was born and raised in Everett, a town in Washington, USA. MY mom is American but my dad is Russian so now I am in the north-west of Russia, learning about my father’s language and culture. I’ve travelled throughout Europe, as well as Japan...

42 yo bi-male. looking for sharing ideas about possibilities. doesnt know chat but using hotmail. ıd : lizzyhot06

black - long - big pis @<>@. believe that I use it excellent for tasks

Live in the US, born and raised in Russia. I have blue eyes and long blond hair, not very attractive but it suites me. I have a great since of humor and love romance.

Feel the Vibe!

Married with a lovely gal, 10 years plus. Nothing wrong with my marriage, I'm just looking for some innocent kinky fun. Not looking to hook up. I like to roleplay and be very naughty with ladies of all legal ages.

I am in BDSM for 11 years



Hello! I like to assosiate with polite and inteligent people, I appreciate sincerity and trust. I hate when people lie and betray. Those who are unreliable irritate me. Now I am getting a proper training in such subjects as English

Only open a chat window with me if I say you can. If I don't reply the little chatboxes inbox PM me, I'll always get back to you from there. If I don't reply immediately, it's not that i'm being rude, I'm just not at the computer.

I'm a Russian redhead nerdy dancer to put is shortly. I stud...