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Hey... thanks for clicking my page!!!

I found this site for the stories and then found out that there a social part to this site... looking for some fun.. I like to talk to older guys and ladies. I like to talk to people who are themselves don't try to be someone that your not!! Hate that!!...

I'm a FREAK ;)

Little bit naughty, whole lot nice.

I don't get onto Lush often, and when I do manage, it's in bursts of activity. I work, I study, I socialise, I love - and I Lush when I can.

I have an exhibitionistic streak, which I indulge here by sharing my experiences and fantasies - and som...

Here just to have fun

Exotic, erotic & a wee bit psychotic

Living the life! Happy with that and where I'm going.

What makes something pure fantasy and what makes someone take it from fantasy to reality?

Open to chat if it interests me, still figuring out how everything works here.

Married Mum, 40 ish lol
Live in Cape Town

I am a student, just wanting to have fun and maybe satisfy my milf fantasy.

Open-minded. Enjoy good and entertaining company, especially the outdoors, travel, adventure, flirting... and of course hot sex!

Hey, I'm DanceWithShadows. I'm currently a student and I'm a virgin- and I plan to stay that way until marriage.

I'm always up for a chat, and I'm generally easy to get along with. I started reading stories here for a brief burst of.. enjoyment. But now I'm looking for stories that delve b...

Finally I have gotten round to writing something. I hate these things but here goes. I discovered Lush by chance and was pleasantly surprised. I have meet some lovely people on here and enjoy the chat and pics. Fabulous authors and I have read some great stories. I will be trying my hand at writing ...

I am a traveler on the seas of fate and love to write about things I have experienced or that was shared with me. Fantasy is a big part of my life and I want to find out more about erotic worlds.

I enjoy life, love partying, Work hard highly sexed love foreplay eat and be eaten My philosophy in life is what is for you wont go by you and we r in charge of our own destiny


A paradox - i like being treated like a lady in public and like a dirty whore in private

Alberton, 1449