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Hi new here and i found this site by accident. i have missed a lot in life and am always horny and get very happy if someone chats with me.


About me. Hmm. Just a simple guy with a very vivid imagination. I write when the desire arises. I am always willing to explore and any experience will help with writing. Anything can be tried at least once if I like the idea. I always have somebody proof read my stuff beforehand so that all th...




naughty guy who loves reading erotic stories.

I am now 23 jr divorced and still single. Me and my Dad stay together looking after my Dad. I am naturist I love to walk naked and be naked love the nature can spend ours in the fields and on the rocks at the beach.I am an honest person, I like to laugh and make people laugh.I have respect for othe...


Im bi-sexual and enjoy sex a lot especially with women..i enjoy a womans body and i get turned on just thinking about it.



Sandton, South Africa

Somewhere Far and Near

Hi, I am no writer, just love to read the stories. I am a housewife. Maybe I am just a little bored and want to see whats going on. I love to read the Love stories, Love Poem's and Straight stories...

If I may add this, was so inspired by the Love Poem Writers, I am trying to write now, in my own rawness way. Someone told me this 'I appreciate the raw honesty'. Now I am enjoying to use this rawness. Thanks again to the Love Poem Writers, and to you my Friend....

South Africa

Me? OK. Very active,love the sea and all its creatures.Keen fisherman. I love water,the beach,Skin diving.

Romantic,touch feely type.Love to give as well as receive love.Nudist at heart.Would love to live on a Palm covered tropical Island. Believe in polygamy.I have more than enough love to...



The Cape

I love all erotica
Adore ladies
Especially mature ones
Mature can be 18 - mature is also 60


Been reading stories here for year. Thanks to those who write,I'm not a writer but enjoy reading.


Qualified in Medicine. 14 Years in Speciality Gyn and Obs. Am a rather talented musician and at moment play as a solo artist. Have been out of Medicine for 14 years


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