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I am a South African (European) male. I work full-time (only a few years left).

I write Afrikaans erotica in my spare time. Most of my work(writing) have mature love as a subject. I think this is not only because I am mature but also because I have all my life been attracted and intrigue...


My bed

Im 22 years hoping to explore my slutty side on lush. Im into hardcore sex with men and would love to have slutty fun with the girls too... so ladies and gents Im all yours.

My own little fantasy world

Near Jo'burg

I love the thought and fantasise about sex. Live is too short not to explore and do it all.................


Escapee from the corporate world who discovered that the wilds of Africa provide one with the most exciting and stimulating livestyle that anyone could ever imagine. Now a retired safari guide who works in tourism that allows me to get out into the African bush regularly. In a relationship with a...

Out there

Good day, joined as being a gameranger is a lonley occupation, very often only thoughts and fantasies around. Been reading some of the stories and decided to join to contact other people with similar fantasies and dreams. Not looking for any personal contact (too deep in the bush and on the other ...

Well i'm 42 devorced with one son living in...Peter is 23 and a darling of a son...

We are a couple of professionals living in the wine country near Capetown. Sue loves to turn herself on (particularly in public or with an audience) and to push the boundaries on public nudity. She also likes to make new friends and experiment with new sexual fantasies. John likes to please Sue. B...



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